Chinese dream
May 21, 2007, 6:52 pm
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Spring is here…
April 27, 2007, 10:31 am
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… it’s so difficult to choose what to wear! Sometimes you think a t-shirt will be enough, and then you chill in the evening! Next day you wear long sleeves and tights and spend all day cursing your choice!

spring is here...

Just wanted to show off my new dolls!

More pictures on my flickr

I’m in love with new WATAGE Annz
April 19, 2007, 7:16 pm
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Watage Annz

I’m in love with the new Annz! Her name is Watage and she’s a collaboration with and will celebrate Annz third anniversary.img234d0dd2zik2zj.jpg

I really like her make-up! It’s one of those that you either love or hate! But for me it’s a winner! I hope that the real doll keeps it!

She’s to be released together with a couple of kimonos Kaleidoscope and Twinkle! Pictures of the kimonos here.  

Kaleidoscope fabric looks awesome!


More info soon! And you can also check the official site of this release

Jane of the leaves
April 16, 2007, 4:40 pm
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I have just received some wonderful clothing sets from Jooli from dollsvilleshop. This outfit is made for Blythe, but fit Momoko really well! I just couldn’t help it and took some pictures.
jane of the leaves (3)
Jane shows us her bohemian side in this set! She dances to her inner music! Showing us the beauty of the leaves, and the rythm of her movements!

Momoko Profile: Jane
April 15, 2007, 8:56 pm
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Name: Jane

This is my first Momoko, and the only one that’s not named after a Momoko owner. She’s named Jane Austen to honor my all-time favourite writer  Jane Austen I hope she gets some of her wit and irony!

Model: Midnight Crossing” Sekiguchi2006

She likes to:

She’s a writer herself! She likes to think of herself as an all-brains gal, but to be honest to the truth she indulges herself in a lot of  “not so intellectual” pleasures… 

Jane’s pictures at Flickr

Momoko Profile: Sylvie
April 12, 2007, 6:09 pm
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Name: Sylvie

As I have told in my other doll profiles, I have decided to name my firsts Momokos after the real-life people that have made me fall in love with Momoko. I love Sylvia Cola’s reroots and dolls and when I decided to buy a Hazy White the name popped in my head! After all Sylvie does wonderfuls reroots on Hazy White’s and probably she will end in her hands when I get bored of her white hair. I have also exchanged some mails with her and she is wonderful! Visit Sylvie’s flickr, her blog, and

Model: CCS-momoko 06SS “White Hazy Wind (White)” Petworks 2006

She likes to:

She’s a very spoiled brat! Always in trouble! Her main occupation is to spend money pampering herself

(More to come..)

Sylvie’s pictures at Flickr

Momoko Profile: Gabriela
April 12, 2007, 5:24 pm
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Name: Gabriela

As I have told in my other doll profiles, I have decided to name my firsts Momokos after the real-life people that have made me fall in love with Momoko. Gabriela is named after Gabriela-gcrepe1
After I saw Hinamawari’s Momoko I started to search in Flickr for Momoko pictures! I was shocked by the awesome pictures by gcrepe1. It was because of her doll that I decided to buy this doll! So when the doll arrived I named her Gabriela, to remember the countless hours of joy spent at gcrepe1’s flickr, and her etsy shop selling  Momoko prints of her wonderful photography.

Model: CCS-momoko 06AW “Odd Girl Out(Sweet Choco)” Petworks 2006

She likes to:

She likes to think of herself as a modest girl, but the truth is that she enjoys a luxury . A bit shy ( some people says dry) at a first encounter, if you get to know you will find a great friend

(More to come..)

Gabriela’s pictures at Flickr

Momoko Profile: Wendy
April 12, 2007, 4:26 pm
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My dumpr

Name: Wendy

I’m really bad at naming my dolls! I keep postponing the decission and calling them NoName. I have decided to name my firsts Momokos after the real-life people that have made me fall in love with Momoko. Wendy is named after my dolly friend Wendy- Hinamawaridoll
Hinamawari is the only Momoko friend that I have meet in flesh and bone. We live nearby and sometimes we get together to take pics of the dolls. She brought a Momoko to our first gathering (I was Blythe-only), and altough at first I didn’t fell in love with her she has grown on me! I must say that without Wendy I wouldn’t have jumped into the Momoko World. Oh and we always have such fun!!!  Please visit her at Himawari’s Flickr, and see her original dolls at

Model: Whiter Shade of Pure Blue. Sekiguchi 2007

… blue denim is the color of deep sea.
… a girl breathes out a deep deep white breath.

She likes to:

She likes to take walk in the countryside after the rain. She is always daydreamming and doesn’t want to grow up!

(More to come..)

 Wendy’s pictures at Flickr

Introducing momokos…
April 12, 2007, 11:51 am
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This week I will like to introduce you to my Momokos. 

Momoko is a japanese doll created  in  2001 by a Japanese software company called Petworks. She is an indie fashion doll that “reflects the lifestyle of today’s Tokyo”. In 2004 Petworks announced a “long holiday” for momoko. The reason was that they wanted to concentrate on other dolls as Mamemomoko, and on their main business (software). Soon after that they handed the doll over Sekiguchi that started production in  2005. Sekiguchi did some changes on the doll, but tried to keep her street-fashion style intact while selling her at more competitive prices. To this day Petworks keeps producing some dolls.

Official sites:



Momoko Dolls

Petworks released dolls:

Sekiguchi line-up:


My momoko:

Sources of information:

What is “momoko”?

Wikipedia: Momoko Doll

PS: If you feel that I’m missing some vital link please let me know!