Momoko Profile: Sylvie
April 12, 2007, 6:09 pm
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Name: Sylvie

As I have told in my other doll profiles, I have decided to name my firsts Momokos after the real-life people that have made me fall in love with Momoko. I love Sylvia Cola’s reroots and dolls and when I decided to buy a Hazy White the name popped in my head! After all Sylvie does wonderfuls reroots on Hazy White’s and probably she will end in her hands when I get bored of her white hair. I have also exchanged some mails with her and she is wonderful! Visit Sylvie’s flickr, her blog, and

Model: CCS-momoko 06SS “White Hazy Wind (White)” Petworks 2006

She likes to:

She’s a very spoiled brat! Always in trouble! Her main occupation is to spend money pampering herself

(More to come..)

Sylvie’s pictures at Flickr

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I love your new blog and am flattered you’d name a doll after me! Wish I was half as good looking as her LOL!!! I have another white hazy wind also. I’m thinking of keeping her white hair but adding to it and changing the style. We’ll see.
Talk to you later!

Comment by sylviecola

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